Asset Masters

Provides you with the best asset management Solution of all time

  • Asset Tagging
    Generate asset tags with custom labels
  • Asset Valuation
    Get real-time value of your asset on the go
  • Asset Management
    Manage check-outs and Check-ins on click of a button!

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Manage asset acquisition, suppier records, licences,


Asset valuation functions of Asset Masters


Custom tags, QR code tags, Tag printing.


Asset reports range from total assets reports, asset value reports,

Looking For Asset Tag Printing services?

We also provide asset tag customization and printing services at a affordable cost.


Custom Tag names

Customize asset tags with the company name

Custom tag sizes

Ability to customize tag sizes

QR Codes

Generate printable QR codes .

Scan with phone

Scan the QR codes with phone and open on the go.

Asset Tracking

Track assets using the asset tags generated.

Order for printing

We also offer asset tagging services to all our clients.


Real-time valuation

Real-time asset valua on the dashboard.


Real-time depreciation value of all assets.

Depreciation allowance

Editable depreciation allowance for all items..

Licence value

Get total value of licences attached to your softwares or applications.

Consumable value

Consumables include items such as Pens, Notebooks, Refilling ink, etc .

Total accessory value

Accessories are items such as Computer monitors, Mice, UPS, Power extentions etc.


Manage Purchases

Purchase date, suppliers etc

Multiple locations

Manage assests in different locations through cloud

Manage users

Manage how your staff use company assets and consumables.


Manage check-ins and returns.

Quick Check-out

Assigning or leasing assets to your staff in just a click!

Asset tracing

Trace the identity of your assets anywhere, anytime.

System Snapshots

Here is a preview of the system appearance

All (
Desktop Interface (
Mobile Interface (

Asset Tags Samples

Here is a quick snapshot of the asset tag appearance.

Flexible pricing

Take charge of your spending depending on the number of assets you have

Kindly note that the prices are billed on annual basis

Basic Package

  • 24/7 Support
  • Up to 50 assets stored
  • Up to 10 users in the system
  • Up to 1 location support
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Tag printing
  • Asset labeling

Standard Package

  • 24/7 Support
  • Up to 200 Assets
  • Free asset tag generation
  • Unlimited location support
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Free tag printing
  • Free asset labeling


Your company information is stored in a secure password protected cloud with the modern encryption standards.

All asset tags scanned or printed from our solution have an encryption embedded QR code that only show information to authorized users only.